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What we do

Each Area Partnership is led by a Steering Committee, made up of local leaders drawn from across government, services and the wider community that work with vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Each Area Partnership responds to its unique context and local factors that contribute to vulnerability by drawing on local data and knowledge to develop its own priorities - aligned with our two focus areas. 

The Area Partnerships work to improve the lives of vulnerable children, young people and their families by:

  • testing new ways of working and seeding new activity
  • building on existing collaborations, programs and services
  • listening and responding to those with lived experiences of vulnerability
  • improving how services work together to support vulnerable children and young people - and their families, and
  • sharing their innovations and learning across government and communities.

Backbone support for each Area Partnership is provided by a Principal Advisor, and by the central Vulnerable Children’s Reform Unit. 

For examples of how Area Partnerships are making a difference, go to stories of change, or directly to an Area Partnership. 

Stories of change

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